Airport Day!

Date: Aug 13

The dreaded day is here: Airport Day.

Two weeks of pure Costa Rican bliss has come to an end. As I reminisce about this trip so many unforgettable moments come to mind. The things we have seen and got to experience make me extremely thankful I went on this trip. A group of complete strangers came together 14 days ago and are now leaving his family.

I will miss the way Savannah makes a conversation with anything breathing. I’m still inspired by when Jackson save those two swimmers on the rafting trip. Amanda‘s ability to solve riddles had an unbelievable speed encourages me to keep my mind sharp so I can one day beat her to it. I will so deeply miss Ben‘s love for nightly cuddle puddles and tickles.

Lindsay will always be remembered as my lollipop buddy…” it’s my last one.” I’m still cracking up at Michael’s rain dance. I think Marius is still sending me mixed signals but I’m just not sure. Julian’s sense of humor has left me laughing but also sort of confused. Vanilla nose quake, a.k.a. Francesca, made me laugh so hard at her clumsiness I almost Peed myself.

I’d like to thank David for showing us his wonderful country over the past two weeks. I will definitely miss his culture facts and the way he says “Chicos.” Lastly, I’ll miss Annabelle for her many jokes and personal stories that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.

PS this really is the last one

Pura Vida