What Our Alumni Say!

16,000 Alumni from 50 US States and 55 Countries!

ashleyAshley – Shepherdstown, WV
Costa Rica Adventure was full of excitement, surprises, and friendships I will hold onto for the rest of my life. I truly changed for the better and loved the opportunity to share this adventure with such fun and interesting people.

mattisonMattison – Fort Worth, TX
The whole Ultimate Europe trip was successful! I climbed mountains, rafted, saw amazing historical landmarks, biked on routes I didn’t know I could, and I’ve never cried so hard of laughter together with all of my new best friends. Bold Earth definitely knows how to bring loads of fun to the trip, push everyone to their max, and create experiences that I could never forget.

andrewAndrew – Port Townsend, WA
My experience on Wild Coast Discovery was great. The trip leaders were very nice and really funny. My highlights of the trip were learning how to backpack and rock climb, along with having the chance to make new friends while getting away from modern life.

kaitlinKaitlin – Yardley, PA
Before coming on the Ultimate Spain trip, my Spanish speaking skills needed lots of work. I knew it all on paper, but that wasn’t an effective way of communicating in a different language. Through the many different experiences and things I encountered while on my trip, I have improved in my vocabulary in general, but mostly in my speech. Learning to speak was my original goal and reason for signing up for the Bold Earth trip, and it was successful.

jose xavierJose Xavier – Mexico
All of my goals were achieved on my Ultimate Alaska trip. I wanted to have both a unique adventure and fulfilling experience. During the activities I never felt disappointed and could not have asked for more!

KaraKara – Laguna Beach, CA
Wild Coast Discovery was the best summer yet! While arriving, I wasn’t certain about what the outcome of the trip would be, but after 30 minutes with everyone I knew it would be a gnarly trip! I loved every part!

IrmaIrma – Lake Oswego, OR
Everything on my Wild Coast Discovery trip was good.  I had so much fun! I want to come back next year and do another trip.

Natalie – St. Louis, MO
I loved the whole Bold West trip! It was a lot of fun and I loved all of the places that we went. I loved how there were a lot of kids from all over the world. The trip overall was awesome!

elizabethElizabeth – Wilton, CT
Bold Earth is a great program. The activities, leaders, and campers on the Bold Alps trip were perfect. It was a smooth trip that was planned well. Your website and directors led me to the right trip!

tomTom – Boulogne, France
I had a great time, everyone was awesome. The landscapes were beautiful. All the activities on my Bold West trip were excellent, and I realized one of my dreams: surfing! We did some things that I can’t do at home or in France, and I’ve met some amazing people. This was one of my best summers ever: From now on, I love camping and traveling!

keyraKeyra – Clifton Park, NY
The Wild Coast Discovery trip was great. I will definitely be going on other trips!

michaelParents of Michael – Basking Ridge, NJ
My experience as a parent was great. Communication with Bold Earth was constant, and I was well informed about Gabriel. I liked that the counselors had direct contact with me before and during the trip. I was even more pleased when Gabriel came home and saw him so happy. Thanks to the entire team for helping my son have such a wonderful summer. We are looking forward to seeing you next year!

sethSeth – Bedford, NY
On my Epic Fiji Dive/Service, everything was successful and fun. It was my favorite summer yet!

alexandraAlexandra – Praha 6, Czech Republic
Everything on my Bike Hike Italy trip was successful!

viennaVienna – New York, NY
Epic Fiji Dive was an awesome trip, I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you for such an amazing experience.

samanthaSamantha – Meadowbrook, PA
I learned a lot by traveling with Bold Earth, such as how to ski, rock climb, cook and do laundry. I learned that hiking with a big backpack wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I also made some really great friends.

graceGrace – Boulder, CO
My Ultimate Hawaii trip was an experience that I will always remember and I took so much from it. The group was great and we all got along, the organization of activities was great and we had such a good time.

henryHenry – New York, NY
Everything was perfect on Costa Rica Adventure. Great leaders, and the activities couldn’t have been better.


odinOdin – Houston, TX
I enjoyed my Epic Fiji Dive trip with Bold Earth very much. The activities were fun, my trip leaders were enthusiastic and organized, and the experiences I had were unforgettable.

chloeChloe – Ridgewood, NJ
My summer was filled with new and exciting adventures that I probably would have never had the chance to experience without Bold Earth! It was the trip of a lifetime!!!

sabinaSabina – New York, NY
Everything about the Epic Africa trip was fantastic! I learned and grew so much. In addition, the group dynamics were great and I had so much fun throughout the three weeks. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.

alexAlex – Keene, NH
My overall experience was great. The “counselors” became more than just trip leaders, they were one of us. The Alaska scenery and weather were exceptional. Both sea kayaking and ice climbing were very enjoyable. Our needs were well met. Ultimate Alaska is perfect for those who want a taste of backpacking and other wilderness-oriented sports. The trip gave me a real taste of what the Alaskan wilderness is like.

eathanEathan – Chicago, IL
Everything was successful. I made new friends and enjoyed all the activities we did. It was the first camp I ever did and I had a blast. I’m excited to continue with Bold Earth until I have to stop. Thank you so much!

samanthaILSamantha – Highland Park, IL
My Epic Africa trip changed the way I see the world! My group connected very well. I couldn’t have asked for a better or more successful trip.

kevinKevin – Roosevelt, NJ
My trip with Bold Earth was successful because it pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could do. I felt very accomplished after learning how to rock climb and kayak. I learned the value of taking care of our natural resources so that all people can enjoy them.

noahNoah – Highland Park, IL
The staff was great and the Ultimate Hawaii trip absolutely breathtaking. The trip was exciting and in its entirety was a fantastic experience. It was by far the best summer of my life!

amandaAmanda – Los Gatos, CA
Peru Machu Picchu was amazing. We had such a good group of campers and leaders. We had fun together at every moment and got to see so many new sights!

emilyEmily – Andover, MA
I loved every single moment of Epic Africa! I loved the adventures, culture, and people. It really opened my eyes and made me see life in a different light. It was a summer I’ll never forget!

brettBrett – Bethesda, MD
My summer with Bold Earth was 100% successful! I learned a lot about Africa, I made incredible friends, and I was able to help out the local communities. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip leader than Allison. She was more of a friend than a trip leader and if it wasn’t for her, my summer would have been a lot less fun!

joshJosh – Atherton, CA
I really grew as a person on Bold Alps. Everyday was a completely new experience. The cultures that I witnessed while there, I had been familiar with before, but I had never achieved an educated perspective to the extent that Bold Earth showed me.

henryjamesHenry James – Weston, CT
I had an amazing time with Bold Earth. This was probably my best summer to date! Not just for the places and adventures we experienced but also for the amazing guides and especially people who were on this trip. I loved Boot Saddle Paddle and it was an amazing time.

scottScott – New York, NY
I really enjoyed how we grew as a group and got to know each other, as well as the counselors. The active nature of the trip was also super fun, I liked how we kept on our toes throughout the entire trip.

jordanJordan – New York, NY
My Epic Africa summer with Bold Earth was completely successful. I had fun, learned a lot, and I experienced tons of new things and new cultures. I had a fantastic experience.

chloeILChloe – Aurora, IL
My entire summer was extremely successful. I think that the Fiji Dive/Service trip brought along great challenges for me to rise above. Going to Fiji was an amazing opportunity and I am so glad that I actually went. I loved every moment of my trip, from working at the Nabua primary school to seeing incredible marine life.

haydenHayden – Boca Raton, FL
My summer with Bold Earth was amazing. I made life-long friends, as well as surreal life-long memories. From hiking up Angels Landing, to whitewater rafting in the American River, every second of my trip made the best summer of my life.

jacquelineJacqueline – Lafayette, CO
Bike Hike Raft was very successful. Everyone was very nice and accepting. Each part of the trip met or exceeded my expectations. All other campers seemed physically prepared for the trip. I loved how both Trip Leaders were very trusting of us and gave us a lot of responsibility.

mikielParents of Mikiel – New York, NY
Every aspect of Mikiel’s Bold Earth experience was successful. She had an absolutely fabulous, life-changing trip and I don’t think there’s anything that should have gone differently. Sean and Sarah were fantastic guides. They were encouraging and supportive of each person regardless of their abilities. This “outdoor” event was very new for Mikiel and as a result of Sean and Sarah’s acceptance of her, Mikiel pushed herself to her limit.

julieJulie – Ottawa, Canada
The whole Ultimate Hawaii trip was a success, I met awesome new people and had amazing experiences. We did something incredible every day.

gabrielGabriel – Aventura, FL
The Colorado Rock and River trip was super successful! I had an amazing time.

artemArtem – Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
This summer was awesome! It was a great experience for me: I practiced my English, met new international friends and had so much fun doing every activity on the trip. What else can I add? This summer was the best ever!

charlotteCharlotte – New York, NY
There were so many successful things about my summer with Bold Earth! I made lifelong friendships, great bonds with my counselors and just had the best summer ever! I learned a lot of lessons, one of them being able to appreciate life more, and not take the little things for granted, like a sky full of stars or a beautiful view.

noahFLNoah – Coral Gables, FL
Making friends and learning new things were the best things about Colorado Bold. It was incredibly fun and made my whole summer … and even my whole year!

baileyBailey – Tustin, CA
I had the time of my life this summer on the Peru Machu Picchu trip! Everything was successful. The group of kids and leaders were amazing! I never would have thought that the people on the trip would end up being the main part, but they did and it was great! I loved getting the chance to see so many different parts of the country and to really spend time getting to know local people as well!

erynEyrn – Westport, CT
I loved my Costa Rica Classic trip! All three of my host families were terrific, and I had so much fun with them. I loved my trip leaders and the local Costa Rican guides as well.

nikkiNikki – Studio City, CA
My Epic Africa trip was a lot of fun. I met a lot of great people and long-lasting friends. I loved all of the activities we did on the trip. My favorite thing we that we did was go on the safari’s. Everything was amazing!

laurenLauren – Foxborough, MA
Everyone in my group got along with each other and the leaders. All of the activities kept us interested. I’ve made so many great friends that I will never forget. Bold West was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it. I plan on doing another trip next year! Thank you Bold Earth!

juliaJulia – Bellaire, TX
I really enjoyed learning how to camp, cook in the wild, and meet new people. I loved the environment, the food, and especially the relationships I built with my friends and counselors. I absolutely loved my trip!

gaelanGaelan – New York, NY
Everything was successful! On my Wild Coast Discovery trip, I grew as a person and made many friendships that will last forever

kathrynKathryn – Commack, NTY
Thanks to Bold Earth, this past summer was the greatest summer of my life. I made friendships with people from all over the world and memories that will last a lifetime. Epic Africa was truly ep

igorIgor – Alsace, France
Everything was wonderful with Bold Earth! Every single experience and every single challenge on my Bold West trip!

nehaNeha – Oakton, VA
My trip leaders were awesome, locations were awesome, activities were awesome! I loved my Colorado Rock and River experience.

paigePaige – Short Hills, NJ
I had the most amazing time in Peru. The places we went were all interesting, the activities were challenging but fun, and the Bold Earth trip leaders were supportive and friendly.

adamAdam – Meadowbrook, PA
Epic Africa was the greatest summer of my entire life, an experience I will carry throughout my life.

saschaSascha – Mamaroneck, NY
Ultimate Hawaii was the most amazing experience of my life! I loved my group and leaders. Everyone was so amazing! It was an extremely successful trip! We all did everything and always experienced as much as possible.

taylorTaylor – Aurora, CO
Everything about the whole entire Peru Machu Picchu trip was amazing. Everything always ran smoothly, and every day was perfect. The whole trip exceeded my expectations. It was filled with so many unforgettable memories and we experienced so many amazing things. It was really a summer that I will never forget!

alainaAliana – Miami, FL
I loved my entire Bike Hike Italy trip! All of the activities, destinations and campers were amazing!

kateKate – McLean, VA
Bold Earth was successful in that the leaders and my fellow campers made everyone a team and no one was left behind. Ultimate Europe succeeded in placing me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot of valuable lessons about people all around the world.

garrettGarrett – Los Angeles, CA
I loved all aspects of my Bold Earth experience. My trip leaders, the hikes we took, and the friends I made on my Ecuador Galapagos trip will always be special in my mind. I want to do another trip as soon as possible!

danielDaniel – New York, NY
Everything on the Fiji Dive/SErvice trip was handled excellently. The trip leaders were great, the activities were great, and the cultural immersion was great. Each was successful! All the activities we did were fantastic!

roseRose – Calabasas, CA
In Hawaii what I loved most is that I was exposed to things I’ve never experienced. One of my favorites was the magical service project in Waimanu Valley, with so much beauty and the most amazing people! I wouldn’t change one thing.

jasonJason – Schaumburg, IL
Colorado Bold was the most amazing experience of my life. I learned so much and I’m such a happier person. I will go on another adventure next summer, no doubt.