Biking Day 1

Date: Jul 08

We woke up early at 6 AM in the morning to delicious breakfast parfait. Charlie, Luke, Dean and Tinius did not get too much sleep because of the swarming bugs biting and stinging us everywhere. Everybody packed up their personal stuff in their tents and got ready for the day. We drove to the closest gas station and filled up the gas tank and kept going until we got to the bike shop in Fruita.

We had to wait for the bikes to get ready. While the bike shop employees were working with the bikes and helmets, we chilled in a small park right outside. Cyrus and Luke climbed some trees while the rest of us were chilling and playing some games. Luke showed off and did the so-called flyaway which is swinging on a branch and doing a backflip and also a wall flip where you kick off a wall or a tree and do a backflip. It was all very safe. After chilling we were called in to get our bikes, employees called us over one by one to fit some bikes.

The bikes were super nice full-suspension bikes with platform peddles and the seat adjuster on the handlebars. After testing our bikes we got in the van and started the drive. Francesco, Emma, Charlie, Sarah, Cyrus, Matthew, Tinius and Michael all fell asleep in the car on the way up. We finally got to our campsite although somebody was in our spot. We decided to wait for the owners to come home and just set up the girls tent in the kitchen while we were waiting.

Cook Group started our lunch which was sandwiches. A little after, we started our first bike ride. Emma and Vanessa and Annabelle hung out at camp and had a great time talking and hanging out. We started off with a bang and Bella stayed at the front pretty much the whole ride. We met some jeeps and some four wheelers on our way but otherwise the trail was pretty quiet.

We got home after a solid hour of intense biking. After the biking we were all tired except for Bella who kept riding the campground, bouncing around. The rest of us took some naps, walked by the lake, and read around the campground. Then we all met up to play some group games. Francesco beat everyone in the moo off, Vanessa, Dean, and Emma each won a round for the hand topping game. And Annabel and Francesco tied in the animal game.

After our games, Luke, Sarah, Emma, Charlie, Tinius, Vanessa, Bella, Francesco, and Annabelle had some crazy disco dancing which ended up in a boys versus girls dance off. Of course, the boys won with ease. Afterward, we had tasty quesadillas with chips and salsa on the side. Vanessa tried guacamole for the first time. The quesadillas were perfect because of Emma‘s master cooking.

It started to rain and we all sat under the tarp together and laughed and sang. After dinner we played mafia and got ready for bed and attended our nightly meeting.