Birthday Party Waves and Bowling!

Date: Aug 12

Birthday Party Waves and Bowling!

Cowabunga my dudes, it’s Aspen back at it again with the blog. Today we started off with our morning waking up your majesty, Lana on her sweet 16th birthday. We had a breakfast of assorted fruits and muffins, or “stubborn cupcakes” as Julian likes to call them. After breakfast we headed out to Kahaluu beach to catch some gnarly¬†waves. As it was our last day of surfing all ten of us decided to hang ten with Izzy catching the first wave. Simon was next followed by Seraphina, who found herself in a rocky situation. Clara enjoyed the rippling of the waves, and also enjoyed cheering on the surfers from the rocks. Becky had a great time, swimming away from waves and actually catching some in the process, with the waves producing faint “no’s” and shrieks as she was swept away. We then swam in for a balanced nacho lunch. After lunch, Julian, Jack and Logan decided to chill by the small beachside church to cheer the other surfers on. Alexa was so excited to catch some waves, that she accidentally ran me over mid-surf. It’s okay because I still caught the wave. As I hobbled back to the car, Logan kindly helped me up the steps, full on fireman style. We then headed back to Sunshower farms to enjoy dinner. We all made our own pizzas and cooked them in a wood-fired oven. We also played a quick game of balderdash and werewolf. After dinner, we headed out for some late night bowling. Some people used bumpers, some people didn’t, but everyone had fun.



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