Love and Aloha From the Mainland!

Date: Aug 15


Hey all!! Ciaran and Izzy here. We landed in Denver this morning, and are checking out of the Bold Earth office. We hope by now that you’ve all landed, gotten home, showered and slept in a real bed! We had SO much fun with you guys this summer! From the Kaumana caves, to getting to sail with dolphins, this trip had many unique aspects that other trips don’t have. We are so proud of the way each and every one of you handled new experiences and thrived! As leads, it is always so special to travel with a group of young people who are so self confident and hold so much potential. All the passion that each one brought to this trip made for a uniquely exceptional trip. Thank you for your hard work, laughter and complete participation during our adventure. We hope you will keep in touch, and we want to thank you for a trip that we will never forget.


Ciaran and Izzy