Muchas Gracias!

Date: Aug 14

Dearest Hot Salt, Pagatha, Helly, Squoto, Posh Josh, Triscuit, Snow White, Super Trooper, Death by Commercial Jacob, and Amanda: Creator of Legendary Nicknames for Michael,

It’s Bichael/Bike/Bichaela and the Family Matriarch, thanking you one more time for an incredible two week adventure through Spain! 115km, loads of public transportation, and a few “Hey I need someone who speaks Spanish!”s later, and here we are. The past 14 days were simply indescribable, but we’re going to try to sum it up anyway. 

From the beginning, each of you stepped up as positive and inclusive leaders, to a degree neither of us have ever experienced on trip before. Thank you! On our first day in Madrid, despite getting no sleep, you all jumped into games and silliness, and made ordering tapas for 12 people easy. On our eventful journey to Santiago the next day, you navigated trains, buses, and metros with ease (and sandwiches). Throughout our time on the Camino, we were routinely impressed by your resilience, positivity, maturity, and introspection. We loved all of the conversations, siestas, deep talks, pineapples, and dance parties along the trail. Special shoutout to feet, and to all the blisters that are hopefully now turning to callouses.

After the Camino, we had a blast wandering Santiago and celebrating our success, and we had SO much fun during our cozy Bold Earth slumber party (#ripmichaelsleghair). Upon arrival in Sitges, it was just so good to chill on the beach, laugh our way through Spanish school, and watch all of you improve your Spanish and gain confidence speaking the language.

Finally, our last night was tremendously special, and the toasts many of you gave and our evening meeting on the beach will forever be a cherished memory.

Moving forward, we hope that you remember to make space for reflection, speak a little more confidently, not suffer in silence, and remember that you can do anything – even hiking for 6 days in 100 degree heat. Play games, be goofy, and find time for those meaningful Camino conversations in everyday life. 

Parents, you should be incredibly proud of your kids. They were simply amazing, and we appreciate you sending them our way! Kids, make sure you give your parents a big hug and a thank you – they’re pretty great, too.

We miss you already, and can’t wait to follow along on your future adventures!

Squish squish,

Michael and Sarah