Our Last Full Day

Date: Aug 12

Today’s Sunday, August 12. This is the last full day of the Costa Rica active trip.

As the itinerary originally stated, all good things must come to an end. On Saturday night, all of the girls decided to have a sleepover and Annabelle‘s gigantic room. We pushed two queen beds together and all six of us crammed onto them. Annabelle ended up having to do a few things in the morning so in her absence, Francesca decided to completely impersonate her by putting on Annabelle‘s most iconic outfit; jeans, Tevas, and her tennis jersey.

Everyone was awoken by David at around 8:45. This was probably the most we were allowed to sleep in all trip. Breakfast was served almost immediately after we woke up. Marius was (surprisingly) one of the first people to arrive to get his fill of all of the pancakes and eggs served. Everyone loaded into the van and headed to sky adventures, the zip lining course. Julian really wanted to be the first person to go on the zip line, but the girls got there first. Grace and Annabelle were partners for the first zip line that required partners.

To get off of the course we had to repel down. Amanda absolutely loved the adrenaline rush. During lunch, many people enjoyed their very last Casado in Costa Rica; including Lindsay; she was very happy with her meal. Francesca and I also got dessert from the lunch spot. Francesca got a classic Costa Rican dessert, tres leches and I got a piece of cocoa chocolate cheesecake. While eating, Michael ended up buying some more coffee mags to add to his collection.

After lunch, everyone piled into the van so we could start the 4 Hour Drive back to San Jose. Jackson requested to listen to Annabelle‘s Harry Potter audiobooks and he also napped. After arriving back in San Jose, we all went to pop’s ice cream spot one last time. We also went to a field where we played some final games. Ben Won a round of Yeehaw and also got rejected for a date by a Costa Rican local. Overall, today was good and I am so sad to go. Thank you, David, Annabelle, and the whole group for an amazing two weeks.

Pura Vida