Saying goodbye to Kona!

Date: Aug 14

Yep you guessed it, it’s Jack here writing the final blog of the trip! We started the day off with a delicious meal cooked by Alexa, Becky and Clara. The meal consisted of french toast and fruit. We then broke down camp and packed the van, prepaying to go home. We all helped clean up our final campsite before departing. After completing all of this, we headed into Kona for some quick town time. Afterwards, we went to Ultimate Burger for an ultimate lunch. This was concluded with the dropping off of Aspen at the airport. Followed by another hour and a half of final shopping and town time. We headed out to Dominoes to acquire some pizza for dinner. We ate the pizza at a beautiful beach and watched the sun set, at Kua Bay. Now we’re at the airport about to leave. This has been a fun trip, see you soon!