The final countdown

Date: Aug 12

Hello everyone,

After packing up from our homestays and saying a heartfelt goodbye to our host families, we headed to Spanish school for the last time! In the beginner class, the competition that had started on he first day of school came to a head. After Tristan and Molly’s team “Trolley” tied Jacob and Josh’s team proudly dubbed the “Jew Crew”, the last minutes of class turned into a rapid fire Spanish tie-breaker. In the end, Jacob and Josh were victorious!

Meanwhile, in the advanced class, the games got loud. Sofia and Payton got really into the competition and could probably have been heard from the street. Halfway through the morning, the two classes joined together for a scavenger hunt around the school. 

After an emotional goodbye to our incredible teachers and an awesome ukulele concert by Michael and Sarah, all of us headed over to get sushi and ate in the school while sharing stories. Once lunch was eaten, we dropped our luggage at our Airbnb and headed over to the beach!

After a half hour of walking and a brief paddle boarding tutorial, we headed out on our own paddle boards. Erick, Hailey, and Amanda used this time to try and flip Bichaela (Michael) while Payton attempted and succeeded at a handstand. After an hour, we switched over to the giant 6-person paddleboards, which ended with Amelia getting splashed, mostly by Josh.

Once the XL paddle boards were away, we headed back to the Airbnb. While Jacob serenaded Josh and Amelia in the common room with the ukulele, Tristan, Amanda, Payton, and Sofia cooked a feast for our entire 12-person family. Payton and Tristan concerned themselves with dessert crepes for everyone after dinner was done (THEY WERE AMAZING). Once Josh, Hailey, and Sarah cleaned up the kitchen while listening to music, we had a kooky/serious round of sparkling apple juice toasts full of compliments and love.

We had our final evening meeting on the cool beach of Sitges. We had some heroes and highlights of the trip. However, the consensus seemed to be that Michael and Sarah were the ultimate heroes. After some reflection, chilling, and communal cuddling, a short sleep was had before we headed out to the airport to see everyone off. Many tears were shed over a short 12 hours.

To close out the blog, all of us here who undertook the first expedition of this rendition of Spain Adventure and the Camino had the greatest time. The people, the activities, and the adventures have been once in a lifetime.

By: Josh