Tom Cruise Pulled an All Nighter With Us

Date: Aug 14

Today marks the final day of our adventure – After a jam-packed couple of weeks full of rafting, hiking, mountain biking and hanging out, we sleepily lounged in the airport and said goodbye to our 2018 Bike Hike Raft Crew.

Before we officially say goodbye, we’d LOOOOVE to recap yesterday’s and this mornings’ ridiculousness. It started with a sleepy start and Delilah’s help packing up – “Hey there Delilah what’s it like at Rock Bottom Ranch…” We then cruised to Skeeter’s car wash and scrubbed our beloved van, to then drive throughout the mountains and throw packs of chicken at each other at the beautiful rest stop. Pita Pizzas graced our hungry mouths as the final cook-crew meal, where lots of drama happened over whether it was actually a good meal/Josh’s mozzarella cutting skills/resistance to playing Kendrick Lamar and then finally finding the clean version of his album and bumping it in the parking lot.

We eventually made it to Golden to enjoy some town time, made friends with an interesting old man, and enjoyed our last feast at a pizza place. Hot wings and garlic knots were the first order (lots of them… thanks Barry!) followed by everyone’s massive plates. Lots of memories filled the air – Don’t step on the Crack or you’ll break your mother’s back… Coca-Cola and the big crack in its house… and you can’t forget Trae and Derek’s creativity with their bandanas!

We “turned up” to some requested tunes and went to an awesome store to buy treats that give you wings, and spent our night enjoying a tripleheader at a drive-in outdoor movie theatre! Luca passionately supported the creative efforts of Hotel Transylvania 3, Collin thought that Winnie the Pooh and all of his forest friends were adorable, and Isa and Gabby did voice-overs throughout Mission Impossible 36. Tom Cruise vs. Jamie Foxx?!

It was hilarious watching the Boolin’ Boys (Trae, Derek, Josh, Lucas, and Colin) rotate throughout the front seats of the van during Mission Impossible… they had a great system to ensure that everyone had a front row view. Joe, Katie, Ansleigh, Dylan, and Conrad chilled on the tarp and consistently cackled at their efforts.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport! It was a loooonnnnng day, (we still haven’t slept), but we hope that’s everyone had a safe and relaxing flight home! We’d like to say thank you to everyone for opening up and showing your true colors – you were a hilarious crew that was MADE for Bike Hike Raft! We wish you the best of luck with this upcoming school year and hope you stick to the goals you made throughout the trip!

We are proud of everyone for consistently challenging themselves and getting outside of your comfort zones. We hope everyone takes Jodi’s advice to make yourself uncomfortable as often as you can – push that comfort zone – it’ll take you to your groan zone, but you’ll eventually grow and gain so many amazing experiences because of it! (Jodi, you da man)

Please keep us updated on your lives and we hope to see you next year for another incredible Bold Earth Summer!

Stay BOLD,
Gabby & Conrad